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Joseph Hollis PilandAge: 5819041963

Joseph Hollis Piland
Given names
Joseph Hollis
Birth March 26, 1904 28 27
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81DE2FC1364494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50172
Birth of a brotherJohn D Piland
May 5, 1907 (Age 3)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81E28DC13B4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50175
Birth of a sisterLydia Estelle 'Liddie' Piland
November 12, 1909 (Age 5)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81E83BC1414494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50179
Death of a paternal grandfatherJohn Daniel Piland
July 2, 1911 (Age 7)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E818FE1C0E24494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50121
Birth of a brotherVernon Shelton Piland
March 31, 1912 (Age 8)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81EDE7C1474494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50183
Birth of a brotherRobert Casey Piland
May 31, 1914 (Age 10)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81F274C14C4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50186
Death of a paternal grandmotherSarah Ann Norris
December 31, 1932 (Age 28)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81A4C0C0F74494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50133
Death of a fatherAllen Monroe Piland
February 12, 1946 (Age 41)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81BFC0C1144494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50151
Death of a motherElla Jane Gatlin
July 6, 1954 (Age 50)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E81C9A6C11F4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50159
Reference Number

Globally unique identifier: 561188E81E08FC1394494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50174
Shared note: 23266
Death 1963 (Age 58)

Globally unique identifier: 561188E81DEFAC1374494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF50173
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