Pylant Genealogy

Violet PilantAge: 3018741905

Violet Pilant
Given names
Birth March 20, 1874 39 32
Globally unique identifier: 561188E096D11F2EC4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23762
Birth of a sisterRosella Pilant
March 20, 1874
Globally unique identifier: 561188E09704CF2F44494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23766
Birth of a sisterNora May 'Nancy' Pilant
November 18, 1878 (Age 4)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E0973B4F2FC4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23770
Birth of a brotherEdward Franklin Pilant
July 22, 1881 (Age 7)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E097669F3034494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23773
Birth of a sisterClara Belle Pilant
June 8, 1886 (Age 12)
Globally unique identifier: 561188E097A4FF30C4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23778
Death of a sisterEliza Ellen Pilant
January 16, 1891 (Age 16)

Globally unique identifier: 561188E09662CF2DB4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23754
Death of a fatherJoshua Thomas Pilant
November 4, 1895 (Age 21)
Globally unique identifier: 561188DF84F31C7A64494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF18288
Death of a sisterRosella Pilant
April 21, 1903 (Age 29)

Globally unique identifier: 561188E0970DEF2F54494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23767
Reference Number

Globally unique identifier: 561188E096E46F2EF4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23764
Shared note: 10360
Death 1905 (Age 30)

Globally unique identifier: 561188E096D90F2ED4494FC262BEB6D4
Record ID number: MH:IF23763
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Marriage: March 15, 1860Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN
1 year
elder brother
6 years
elder brother
-3 years
elder sister
15 years
younger sister
-5 years
twin sister
12 years
younger sister
-19 years
elder brother
5 years
elder brother
-3 years
elder sister
6 years
7 years
younger brother
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